AriyasomVilla Luxury Boutique Hotel and Spa in Bangkok . quite hotel in the very heart of Bangkok . near bumrungrad and sukhumvit

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Welcome to AriyasomVilla and Bangkok


As everyone will know by now the Thai Military took over the administration last week in a coup d´etat. On the face of it is all sounds rather dramatic and concerning but the reality is something else. We´ve been experiencing many months of political dissent and the country has been polarized in the past few months. The military intervention was made to bring stability back to the country and to try and solve our political differences.

It´s not my intention to side with any position in this preface to our website - I´d be delighted to debate the situation when you come and stay. But let me say that after months of uncertainty we are enjoying some peace and calm. The town is basically running as normal - airports, trains, roads and boats all running as usual. Offices and schools are open and running normally.

Seems we´ve all been good boys and girls and the curfew has been lifted throughout the country! So I`m glad to say that life will return to normal and for those that like to party, Bangkok is again open for business. I must say that over the last few weeks life was very normal and there were little or no effects on our daily life - if you´d like to chat please call me on +66818371573 - I´d be delighted to let you know what is the real situation. Unfortunately there are many "nay sayers" on the news services but its my experience that they are always looking for the most sensational aspects and not the truth!

It´s always good to come to a destination that really wants guests to come ? I think you´ll find it a rewarding experience and great value. AriyasomVilla is located in the centre of Bangkok. When Khun Pariya´s grandparents built the house in 1941/1942 it was well out in the sticks! Bangkok has expanded dramatically in the last few decades and with the river as a natural barrier in the west the city has pushed east. The "Sky" train is a short walk from the hotel and it is easy to connect with the boats on the Chao Phraya River. Head up the river to the Grand Palace, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Poh. Not far from these major attractions is the flower market.

Shopping in Bangkok is a major attraction and we´re not far from the very hub of it - Siam Paragon, Central World, Emporium and of course Chatujak weekend market. Even after living here for 22 years I still visit the market on a regular basis. Eating habits evolve and it seems that increasing numbers are more conscious of what they eat. Our Na Aroon Restaurant serves vegetarian and seafood. I always think that the label "vegetarian" is a bit off putting. Whether its "veggie" or meat the important elements are that its fresh, tasty, healthy, well textured and perhaps filling! "Vegetarian" often gives a poor expectation. I think it´s somewhat different here in Thailand as we have a huge variety of herbs and spices that can transform the ordinary into the "extraordinary"! Add to this the quality and variety of the produce and great meals must surely ensue...
We are well known for our desserts - somewhat western and sticky but always delicious - chocolate tart, bread and butter pudding and apple crumble to name but a few.

AriyasomVilla is located almost next door to the No. 1 hospital in South East Asia - Bumrungrad international. It´s a great facility to have in the vicinity and a number of guests take advantage of our proximity. By no means cheap, Bumrungrad, provides first class medical for a huge variety ailments and conditions - check out their website -

Thai dentists are also famous for the quality of treatment and we´ve had a number of guests having treatment whilst in Bangkok. We´re always happy to advise some good dental clinics. There`s seldom a dull moment living in Bangkok but I do want to reiterate about the usual scams! The main temples and sites are very seldom closed - please don´t fall for the scammers telling you that they are closed and that you should jump into a tuk tuk and go and buy jewelry, tailoring, travel and accommodation, etc etc. The application of just a modicum of common sense will save upset and disappointment.

We look forward to welcoming you to AriyasomVilla and Bangkok and know that you´ll enjoy your stay.

Pariya Sheanakul and David Lees

AriyasomVilla - Luxury Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok and AriyasomVilla - step back in time to a more leisurely life style. The Villa was built in 1942 and is still in the hands of the original family who built it.

With 25 beautifully appointed Rooms and Suites, "Na Aroon" Restaurant, Room Service, Swimming Pool, Spa, Meeting Room, Library, Meditation Hall and under ground Car Parking we are well equipped to really look after you during your stay in the "City of Angels".

Conveniently located in the "heart" of Central Bangkok.
The Hotel is very near to Bumrungrad Hospital.